Set up your online store in minutes Easy Shop Builder

Have an online store, increase your sales and manage everything in one place. Build the best shopping experience. Make your first sale faster with tools that attract new customers.

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Reward and engage your customers

Reach customers more easily with our store builder


Move older stock easily by offering discounts for a quick sale.


Personalize the shopping experience by extending coupons to loyal customers.

Google Ads

Automated marketing tools help you move your products with tailored ads.

Lighten your workload and increase visibility

Build an eCommerce website that's got it all

Bulk invoice printing

Allow yourself a well-earned break as we take the hassle out of manually printing individual invoices.

Sales tax

Tax rate changes and locality are determined automatically. You can also set up your business as a sales-tax.

Fraud checks

he higher end packages include features that support users in identifying fraudulent orders.


Search engine optimization fields for individual products help improve Google rankings.

Domain and SSL

All of our eCommerce packages include a free domain which is valid for the lifetime of your online store.

Hosting and mailboxes

Secure, georedundant hosting forms the core of our business. Many other providers will make you pay.

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